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Objetos Cotidianos - Palillos
("Everyday Object - Q-tips")
9 x 3.4 x 1

Artist Statement:

"My work focuses on every-day objects that are born from an sentimental
bond. I work with furniture and objects--through them I seek to provide
meaning to the relationships that we establish with things and with our
environment. I do this by creating installations, videos, plaster
impressions, sculpture and photography.??The central theme is the house
itself and the reflection of the space by questioning and playing with
scale and distortion through the transformation of furniture and its
function to emphasize the psychological aspects that these pieces of
furniture have on me. So, houses, tables, chairs, dressing tables,
closets are transformed to represent forgotten moments as symbolized by

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Casa de Escombros

120x 240x160"


Digital photography mounted on lightboard

Té Miniatura
(Miniature Tea)

16" x 24"
Digital photography

(Little Plate)

8" x 12"
Digital photography


16" x 24"
Digital photography

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