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Alice Du Pont
36" x 29"
Oil on Linen

Artist Statement:

“Yuki, the work and its intentions:

Drawing is a very important part of the creative process; the main purposes are: to observe, to discover, to understand and to learn every fine detail of the chosen model. All this information is registered in a “drawings folder”, either in graphite pencil or in watercolor; this is the beginning of a painting.

Drawing with fine details takes a long time--an entire day, two or three. However, the deep knowledge of the model provides unlimited freedom when it is time to compose and allows for manipulation of shapes and colors according to the intension of the moment. This main objective is not an exact representation of reality. Instead, it is a composition with harmony that looks natural and real, searching for an intense contrast and dynamism. Flashy from afar and interesting close up. These are the reasons to concentrate on fine details.

Themes or techniques don’t define the person as an artist. They are only the ways to build a career that will change while it searches for an identity at the end of the artist’s life. The influence the artist seeks to convey through his/her paintings is to let the environment created in a bi-dimensional work flow and transcend in every space that surrounds it.

I hope I will grow, change, compose and disassemble, and that my work will always be honest and humble in the way it expresses my interests at every stage of my artistic career.”

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