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Paisaje Blanco 0305
("White Landscape 0305")
39" x 65"
Mixed Media

Japanese minimalist Yasunori Ueda’s work is a study in simplicity, texture and movement. In his abstract series "White Landscapes," he weaves thin string across canvas and layers pealing tape. Then he covers it all in pure white, matte acrylic paint. The series is minimal and simple, yet intricate and complicated at the same time. When light hits the textured canvas, it creates shadows-- filling the spaces between the lines with shades of grey that add depth and accentuate movement.

In his 3-D, op-art series "Rope Position," Ueda layers printed images on thin layers of plastic with small pieces of rope and houses it all inside a Plexiglas shadow box. The results are visually intriguing studies in movement that delight the viewer from all angles.

Ueda’s work is included in private collections in the United States and Japan. He lives and creates in Osaka, Japan.

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